Mosquito Control

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How will this effect your pets?

The active ingredients in our trap are not toxic to birds or mammals. We make use of a biological fungus that is only toxic to insects. The larvicide deployed in the trap specifically targets mosquito larvae and is not toxic to higher organisms in this low concentration. For example, in other products, this larvicide has even been approved by WHO for use in drinking water. Contaminated females will only spread tiny amounts of larvicide (a few micrograms) to other artificial small water bodies, which limits any risk for other aquatic organisms and fish.

What should you expect when we come out?

Our technician will walk the property when they arrive.  They are going to try to find the optimal location to secure your mosquito pot.  Typically, we’ll find an area away from doors and garages in a shady area with foliage.  Some properties don’t have locations quite like this, and we’ll find the next best option.  They will secure place the paver stone, secure the pot to it, and add the chemical solution to the water before securing the top.  On our paperwork, they’ll map where the pots are located for easy re-servicing to change out the chemical.

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