Mosquito Treatment

Beyond itchy bites, mosquitoes pose serious health threats by carrying diseases like West Nile virus, Zika, Malaria, and heartworm. Our affordable treatments will keep your family and pets safe.

Mosquito Prevention

Mosquitoes can lay eggs in standing water as small as a thimble. After it rains, inspect your yard for these things that may hold water, and dump it out as soon as possible:

  • Open trash bins
  • Potted plant saucers
  • Tires 
  • Wagons or other kids toys 
  • Clogged gutters 
  • Buckets


We treat for mosquitoes April-September. It’s important to start your mosquito service as early as possible in the season so that we can get behind their life cycle, and continue service every month for the most effective treatment. 

  • Backpack Fog: Mosquitoes like to hang out in shaded areas, inside and under the leaves of shrubbery and foliage around your home. We focus our application on these areas. Pets and people should stay away from these areas for about one hour to allow the product to dry. It’s weather resistant and has a residual of 45-60 days. 
  • Larvicide Tablets: If there is any standing water that can’t be dumped, we can place larvicide tablets in the water to prevent breeding. These are a natural product and safe for animals and people.

Monthly Mosquito Plan or Gold Plan

Our treatment process reduces up to 90% of the population around your home, but of course, they are a flying insect and can sneak over from neighboring yards. The more neighbors that have mosquito service, the more effective it will be! Refer a neighbor for a $25 gift card.

  • 4 Seasonal Exterior Services
  • Unlimited coverage for 20+ common household pests
  • PLUS ALL SPECIALTY PESTS: rodents, fleas, brown recluse spiders, or german roaches
  • FREE additional treatments
  • Monthly mosquito service
  • April - September
  • Fogging treatment to foliage & shrubbery around the home. Larvicide tables to prevent breeding
$80/monthly Service
- OR -
$400 Full Season
(6 services - saves $80!)


You have questions. We have answers.

  • It is recommended to start mosquito treatment as early as possible in the season, ideally between April and September. Starting early allows us to disrupt the mosquito life cycle effectively. Monthly treatments throughout the season are also crucial for the most effective results.

  • Mosquitoes tend to congregate in shaded areas, particularly inside and under the leaves of shrubbery and foliage around homes. Our backpack fog application is focused on these areas. It is advised for pets and people to avoid these treated areas for approximately one hour to allow the product to dry. The treatment is weather resistant and provides residual protection for 45-60 days.

  • In cases where standing water cannot be eliminated, we can use larvicide tablets to prevent mosquito breeding. These tablets are a natural product and safe for animals and humans. Placing them in standing water sources helps to target mosquito larvae and inhibit their growth.

  • Yes, both the backpack fog application and larvicide tablets are designed to be safe for animals and humans. However, it is recommended to follow any specific instructions provided by the service provider, such as avoiding treated areas for a certain period of time after application.

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