Bed Bug

Bed Bug

Inspection & Treatment

What happens we we arrive

Conversation with homeowner. Ask about steps taken so far, washing bedding and clothing, limiting use of suspected chairs, suitcases checked, (if just coming in from a hotel). 

Inspect areas of concern, (with or without Willie).  

Decide on areas of treatment and treatment chemical options, dust, spray or both. 

Make sure customer knows there will be follow ups. 

Let's Make Sure We Got Them

We will come out after two weeks to checking treated areas. If there is further evidence, we will retreat those areas.  It is critical that any encasements such as mattress covers remain on beds throughout this timeframe.

Two weeks after that, we’ll come out one last time to check one more time to ensure we have solved the problem and take care of any remaining issues.  You may receive further advice or instruction from our technician at this time.

30-Day Warranty

Our bed bug treatment, while targeted, has a warranty that does cover your entire home.  After your initial treatment is completed, if you find bed bugs anywhere in your home including places that were not treated initially, we will come back out and spot treat that location of active bed bugs at no additional charge.

These are what Bed Bug bites look like

Have questions and want to talk to a live person?

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