Termite Treatment
Highly Trained Technicians

Expertly trained and tested for the best
home service experience

Work Experience

More than 9,000 residential treatments and more than 11 years in the industry

Real Estate Special

Full home treatments for $399* for homes on the market or under contract

Free One-Year Warranty

Easily transferrable and renewable every year for just $39

Outbuilding Treatment

Add an outbuilding to the treatment of a home starting at $99

Have questions and want to talk to a live person?

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Important Things To Know

What happens when the technician comes to my house?

Here is a list of what to expect once our technician arrives at your property.

    1. Our technician will do a full inspection of the property.
    2. They will knock on the door and introduce themselves and start that inspection which will require access to inside the property to verify location of basement and to check for any potential issues or mud tubes.
    3. They will start the drilling and trenching around the perimeter of the home. This can be somewhat loud, and will take upwards of 30 minutes.
    4. They will do the calculations and begin injecting the soil applying treatment to the property.
    5. They will clean up any mess, and complete their paperwork.

How can I help make my treatment the most successful?

  • Please remove any leaves or other debris from the foundation of your property. We ask for 2 feet to allow our technicians to properly trench and treat the soil.
  • It’s a big help and greatly appreciated if there is a spot for our technicians to park in a safe location off of the street.
  • Access to the inside of the property, especially clear access to the basement perimeter walls.
  • If you are moving, doing renovations, or have other service technicians on-site please let us know ahead of time.

What is the asterisk for on the $399*?

  • In order to qualify for the $399 price the home must be listed for sale AND it has to be under 4,000 square feet including attached garage and basement.  There are price adjustments for houses over 4,000 feet, detached buildings, and other unique or additional needs.

Does this treatment come with a warranty?

As a matter of fact, it does.

• This warranty is easily transferrable from one homeowner to the next.

• It entitles you to free spot-treatments if any new evidence or live activity is observed.

• It is renewable every subsequent year for just $39

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